Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Real World

This is cute: hearing Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan on a hot mike, right after the announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain's V.P.: Noonan says what was assumed to be a declaration that McCain was writing a "bullshit" narrative for the journalists, and (with that idea in mind) she decided the race was "over." Murphy claimed McCain's choice was "cynical." Well, well, well.

Their comments say a lot about the difference - and the wrongheadedness - in the thinking inside vs. outside the Beltway, and how these online video clips can lead us astray.

Still, away from all that, it's refreshing to hear a "toxic" word from the high-minded Noonan's mouth - proving even she's down with The Macho Response behind-the-scenes - which, to me, opens up a whole new "authentic" theme for Republicans to run on:

The Grand Old Party of the Tough Old Broads.

And I've definitely got to find me one of those,...

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