Sunday, September 7, 2008

Message To The Police: Redrum - REDRUM!!!

"Say it isn't so. The police actually asked two psychics for help on a murder case?

Good grief.

Please tell me that was just a press release from Sensing Murder.

In the article, I read a cop saying he was on the fence about psychics.

Please, no. Don't be on the fence about psychics. You might as well be on the fence about violent crime. Or Nigerian emailers promising you millions.

Psychics are bogus.

Psychics are pscum.

Psychics are full of pshit.

Note to Serious Fraud Office: please investigate Sensing Murder.

Shut them down. Make that heinous TV show pass through the tunnel of white light to the other side.

If these people really could communicate with the dead, how about this: names of murderers please. Names, addresses, clues.

I don't want to get in the way of entertainers earning a crust, but it's scummy to pretend to communicate with the dead to take advantage of grieving relatives.

At best, psychics (mediums, palm readers, tarot card readers etc) employ a technique of vaguespeak called cold reading. Buy a book online called Tradecraft or Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind.

If we all learn these showbiz techniques, we can put the scum out of business."

-- Raybon Kan, exhibiting the kind of "positive attitude" TMR's looking for, in New Zealand's Sunday Star-Times