Thursday, September 25, 2008

Targeted For Death

"The markets are filled with quack remedies. While it’s possible a very small (a very very small) percentage do some good, the overwhelming majority do harm. I say this because even ones that don’t hurt you directly (like homeopathy which is just plain old water) still hurt because people who take these so-called "alternative" medicines aren’t taking real medicine, medicine that can help them.

Of course, the alt-med quacks don’t see it that way. As a legal representative of one of these awful companies said:

In our view it’s a battle between the right to speak and the government’s censorship.

Hey, attorney guy: it’s not censorship if you are falsely advertising a product. There is a legal term for that: fraud."

-- Phil Plait, explaining why so many of TMR's posts are labeled "fraud", for Discover