Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They Just Don't Get It

Skeptical of healer story

In Sunday's IJ Lifestyle section, there was a major feature about a "spiritual healer" who inherited the business from a "psychic surgeon" from the Philippines.

Come on. I realize that some people believe deeply in these things, but "psychic surgery" has been thoroughly debunked by anyone who has ever studied it scientifically (or even watched it being performed carefully.) It follows then that an organization begun and run by such a "practitioner" is dubious at best.

Publishing this kind of material as a lead story in your Lifestyle section reduces the IJ to the level of a supermarket tabloid. I think your editors should exercise greater discretion and, certainly, better judgment in what gets print space in the IJ.

-- David Reinstein, handing out advice all newspaper editors should consider, in the San Francisco Bay Area's Marin County Independent Journal

And if they can't, they should consider:

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