Tuesday, September 16, 2008


'Excuse me, but this sounds more like a cult than a political campaign. The language used here is the language of evangelical Christianity – the Obama volunteers speak of 'coming to Obama' in the same way born-again Christians talk about 'coming to Jesus.'

But he's not Jesus! He's not going to magically enable us to transcend the bitter partisanship that is tearing this country apart. And even if he is elected, in no way will that show that somehow we have 'gotten beyond' race.

The Obama campaign's instruction to their volunteers to steer clear of policy questions. How can we truly bring about real political change if the movement the Obama people are building is devoid of ideological content, content merely to mouth gauzy generalities about 'coming together' and 'yes we can'? Such a movement becomes a cult or personality rather than engine for social justice and political transformation. And personality cults can be a huge turnoff to those who are not already drinking the Kool-Aid."

-- Kathleen Geier, saying what some are vehemently denying - and admitting Obama's people are encouraging it themselves - to the point of weirding out their friends (read the comments section) on the "progressive" Talking Points Memo.

It's enough to say:

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