Friday, December 3, 2010

Andrew Klavan Asks Is America Satanophobic?

As far as we know, it's only the hardcore gays who do the serious Satanic thing, so we don't have an answer for you on this one,...

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  1. There is a real Church of Satan and if you've ever had the misfortune of meeting any of its members you will be quickly disabused of any illusions about them being in any way new age or hippie-ish.

    To a man (and they are mostly men) these are people who are either cops or cop wannabes, very pro law & order, in favor of authoritarian forms of government and prone to blah endlessly about survival of the fittest.

    And the punchline is - they don't even believe in Satan! Anton Lavey's official position was that being a good satanic means being a hardcore atheist.

    Hope that helps.