Friday, December 3, 2010

The Macho Response: Senator James Inhofe (R)

There are few men who deserve more credit for standing up to the environmentalist cult than Oklahoma's James Inhofe. During the dark days of Global Warming hysteria, when everyone and his brother was buying Al Gore's con job and the mere mention of the phrase "scientific consensus" as enough to shut any debate down with the laughter of idiots, Senator inhofe stood strong, stating clearly and unequivocally that, while he was only a senator, he was from Oklahoma and - knowing the smell of bullshit from even pretty far away - that "consensus" couldn't be around "science" in any true sense of the word. And history will record he was right.

We, too, got in many a battle in this regard, telling our share of scientists their theories weren't adding up - and being made to pay the price such as it was. But what made it so easy to do (when we, also, aren't scientists) was the unwavering conviction of Senator Inhofe that, until someone produced something that made some damn sense somehow, they weren't getting anything by him. His clashes with Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi are now legend. His multiple humiliations at the hands of Al Gore & Co. got tons of media attention. But after all that, of course, we think it is this moment, his triumphant victory speech, that should be imprinted in everyone's memory. When a great defender of mere common sense rose Reagan-like, in good spirits, to announce the defeat of friendly fascism in America and the world, knowing what he'd done was good. Is he gloating? Yes, just a little, but not enough to hide the simple decency of the man or his cause. Frank Zappa said, in a battle between man and the world, bet on the world. Well, as much as we love Frank, the great man got this one wrong:

James Inhofe "saved the planet" by beating it's world-wide cadre of self-appointed defenders at their own game.

Thank you, Senator, thank you. May your service be an example to us all.

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