Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogging Can Be Dangerous At The Wrong Time

O.K., see, when NewAgers start to bring the kids into it, it always royally pisses us off:
A fresh study from Universite de Montreal has suggested that approximately 13 per cent of parents turn to alternative therapies to treat their children's asthma.

The findings suggest that this trend is associated with a two-fold higher rate of poor asthma control in children.

"Previous studies have shown that close to 60 per cent of parents believe that complementary and alternative medicines are helpful. Yet, well designed studies have failed to show any evidence that therapies such as acupuncture, homeophathy, chiropractic medicine or herbal therapy are effective in asthma," said senior author Francine M. Ducharme, a Universite de Montreal professor.

"Parents may not be aware of the risk associated with the use of alternative medicine, including adverse reactions, possible interactions with conventional asthma therapy, as well as delay in taking, and compliance with, effective asthma therapy. Our findings confirm that children using complimentary or alternative medicine, are twice as likely to have poor asthma control that those that don't," he added.
Look, you fucking loons, if you want to be stupid enough to risk killing yourself, fine - go right ahead: we're usually happy to see you go - but when you put your kids in harms way, for nothing but your empty-headed "beliefs", then we think it's time for you assholes to suffer not having kids anymore. End. Of. Fucking. Story.


Alright, we've got to calm down. Get a cup of coffee. Or a lap dance or something. You know, chill. It's still early in the morning. The day's just starting:

We'll have to come back to the "alternative" medicine news later,...

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