Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Years Is A Long Time To Get Played A Fool

You've got to love it:
I am a married man and have been trying for a baby for the last two years. Last month, I went for semen analysis and found that I have ‘obstructive azoospermia’. My friend suggested that it can be cured via homeopathy medication. At present, I am undergoing treatment at a homeopathy clinic. Can this problem really be cured by this method? Do I need to opt for an IVF? Please suggest any alternative medication. I am worried as two years have already passed. 

Homeopathy will not regenerate your sperms.
Ha! - "Homeopathy will not regenerate your sperms." - that's now TMR's Official Catch Phrase For The Day (Yesterday's was "selling pussy in the snow"). Listen, if we were advising this guy, we'd add that he should sue the homeopath for his money back, plus fraud damages, and then find a new "friend":

The one he's got is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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