Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Want You To Go To Your Window, Lean Out, And Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs "I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!"

It's been really an eye-opener to discover how much damage not having the "right" attitude, and bit of swearing, can do to one's reputation and influence - throwing a cloak over any and all other accomplishments to the point where, even if one were capable of "saving the planet" (assuming it needed saving) the reaction of most would still be, "Not with that mouth, he won't!"

We can't help but think of this particular aspect of juvenilia after looking at Anthony Watts' assessment of the WikiLeaks cables relating to climate change, where he ends with this:

What really strikes us is the fact that all this Copenhagen/Cancun stuff has nothing to do with the Climate, or saving the World. It’s about political positioning, money, and plain old fascism cult promotion. But as referred before, this is only the tip of the iceberg. More is to come, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re going to be answered about who is behind Climategate, or Al Gore’s Nobel nomination, or the facts behind all the IPCC mess. Stay tuned…
Yea - you read that right:

Plain old fascism cult promotion.
Now, call us narcissistic but, after all these years, and having hardly been shy in our views about what's a cult and what ain't - and having, repeatedly, beat pretty much everyone else blogging (or in other media) to this conclusion in a number of areas - we'd think, by now, our email box (not to mention our phone) would be going crazy with people asking, "How did you know this?" as though talking to a mongoloid Nouriel Roubini about economics.

But nooooooo!

Not only does everybody ignore what we've been saying for years now, nobody else even reacts, like everybody's just been knowing it all along - and openly claiming it - as a matter of course. Or that, now that it's revealed a form of cultism was what this Climate Change bullshit was all about after all, there's no need for any further discussion, is there?

"Oh, it's been discovered that the Global Warming and Climate Change hysteria of the last few years was merely the entire fucking world being led by the nose by lying politicians, and their media accomplices, to blow trillions of dollars on the promotion of some kind of fascistic NewAge environmentalist cult? Very well then - what do you want to do for lunch?"

Move along, nothing more to see here, mister! Sure! Sure! Sure! Whatever you say!

Arrrggghhh!!! It's fucking incredible! This! Is! One! Of! The! Biggest! Fucking! Stories! Of! Our! Time! Forget the WikiLeaks relationship between Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi now - this blatant attempt to control our minds, as well as our vision of mediated reality, should be the centerpiece of the American journalistic world today!

And, I'm sorry - I'm sorry, I'm sorry - but how does Glenn Reynolds, the great Instapundit, inform his massive public of this nonsensical assault on our very lives, country, sanity, and freedoms? Check this out - and try not to yawn:
A WikiLeaks / Climategate Convergence?
That's it? THAT'S IT? Really? That's all one of the great minds of our time has to say about this? Laws have been written forbidding Americans to buy fucking incandescent light bulbs! The American factory that makes incandescent light bulbs has gone out of business! Is that all they get? The people have been bombarded with useless "green" public service announcements (AKA CULT PROPAGANDA) for years - and that's all they get? Journalists have been hounded by environmental cultists for daring to say this crap doesn't add up - some run out of business - and that's all they get? Are you kidding, Glenn? Please, say it isn't so!?! This is un-American! This - this is insane!

Now you listen to me:

We haven't been able to watch TV without these green cultists telling us what to do! We haven't been able to listen to the radio without these green cultists telling us what to do! We haven't been able to go to the movies without these green cultists telling us what to do! We haven't been able to read a magazine or a newspaper, or even a goddamn comic book without these green cultists telling us what to do! The goddamn Simpson's Movie was on the other night, and all it was, was Lisa-fucking-Simpson posing as a goddamn green cultist telling us what to do! When and where does this goddamn bullshit stop?!?

As someone whose life was destroyed by NewAge cult influence, this may affect us more than the average person, but, my god, it is lunacy what we've been forced to live with since that happened! Doesn't anyone else give a damn? The guy who wrongly lost a bar bet because the other side screamed they supposedly had a "scientific consensus"? The marriage that was destroyed because either the husband or the wife supposedly wasn't trying hard enough to "save the planet"? Look at that photo of the poor Polar Bear, right? The guy who stayed with friends only to be driven mad because of their mindless goddamn environmentalist demands while he stayed over?!? Doesn't anybody care that all that chaos and discord was orchestrated by these environmentalist wacko cultists who knew - from Al Gore on down, they always knew - all of it was over nothing?

We've asked this before, and we're asking it again, and we're going to keep on asking it - no demanding it - until we get a satisfactory answer out of you boobs:

Starting with, say, The Deepak Chopra/Maharishi Caper - what is it going to take to finally get you people to adequately address the vital issue of the continual, and wasteful, influence of post-60s Baby Boomer NewAge fraud on the Western World? Seriously, what in the hell is it going to finally fucking take?

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