Saturday, December 4, 2010

Obama, Obami, Oh Mammy, Oh Gawd Damn It!

If you want to make us vomit in our mouths, all you have to say is two words - "Michelle Obama" - and there's a good chance, if you time it right, that'll happen. And her total lack of regard for appearances is one reason why. Whether it was the original "I never felt proud of my country" statement, or her jet-setting in Spain while the economy tanked, this woman has never once considered how she looks to the rest of us, because she's so wrapped up in looking at serving herself.

We couldn't help but think of that as we heard this lovely version of "My Favorite Things" playing under this disgusting display of this horrid woman's unearned extravagance, so we thought, almost a a public service, we should also provide a more appropriate version of the song for the visuals. So, turn down the sound on the video above, and after you start it, set the music on the one below to playing and - voila! - you've got the perfect marriage of mammy, mayhem and madness. You can thank us later:

We'll be here all week.

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld

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