Monday, December 13, 2010

The Macho Response: Fox News' Neil Cavuto

Eventually it all begins to get to be too much, and good men - if they are men - have to call a spade "a spade" and declare the rest of you are wasting our time, in the most colorful language allowed. By explaining that Chris Matthews is prone to talking about nothing (and getting praised for it) Neil Cavuto reminds us of other "major issues" the know-it-alls have been consumed with - that have cost our now-broke-ass country a lot of time, passion, and gobs and gobs of money - but amounted to absolutely nothing. We could start with recycling and global warming, and remind you that both are being catered to with the full support of a public too ignorant, and gullible, to figure out what's important for themselves and spare us the waste of funds we've always needed desperately elsewhere.

This stupid idea that Americans should be trying to become Hitler's Nazi "Supermen", everyone in shape to some NewAge "wellness" expert's arbitrary specifications - like their hectoring is making the world a place anyone wants to live longer in - would be laughable if it wasn't so fucking cruel and stupid. Instead of focusing on other people's weight, why don't you ask yourself if you're any good? Yea, we know:

Because you'd fail.

It's good to see this - that we're not the only ones who get fed up with this idiotic nonsense - we only wish more people would focus on what's important, and not what language is used or something else equally superficial. But, we know, in this NewAge society that's asking waaay too much.


  1. From what I've seen, I love Christie. Thing is, a guy that size can take off the weight right quick.

  2. But does he need to? No - we've got ourselves locked into a NewAge mindset (Hitler's "Superman" bullshit - eugenics) that's as unnecessary as worrying about the environment.

    You miss the point of NewAge:

    Fixing a non-existent problem so they can gain the glory of leading you by the nose.