Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Will You Hit - Here - So You Will Hear A Hit?

We're a bit limited for time today - can't write one of our long photo essays until we catch a break somewhere - so, as we're running around online trying to find something shorter to amuse you, we had to stop by iOwnTheWorld to see what Big Fur Hat's up to (TMR loves us some Big Fur Hat - he's the king!) and that's where we found the jackass above, being a jackass, and almost making us piss our pants with laughter. As BFH asks, "Can you believe this guy was ever elected?"

Anyway, along with our love for another blog, we thought we'd also take this opportunity to inform you we've been putting easter egg videos in TMR's titles. Go on, get the lead out and take a look-see (click the title of this post, above, and see what comes up) then continue on to the others, below, and - voila! - you've wasted a perfectly good work day like a junkie with a head cold.

Now keep in mind, we've just started getting religious about this - it's hard work trying to find the appropriate songs, with a decent video, or discovering if YouTube's videos can get as extensive as our personal collection, or our knowledge of (and taste in) music - so, if you're determined to watch them all, eventually you'll catch up to us (we're working our way backwards, though there are some scattered around here and there) but, when that happens, you can always click the "music" tag and find a bunch more that we put directly into the posts themselves. Hey, it's something to do. We suggest, also, you read the posts, and click on any links they contain, before you move on to the song/titles:

It's a blog - a whole experience - and, if you don't click on the links, we're so weird you might miss the whole point of why we think you might enjoy the post to begin with. Here's a hint:

Duh - it probably has something to do with cults, or culture.

So have fun - we've tried to make the selections relevant and/or funny - and play nice and we'll be back as soon as we can with another message from on high. Or a message because we're high. Or just on something. Just click the damn title, will you?

UPDATE: Well, it's been an hour and only one visitor has clicked the title. That's pretty pathetic. We might have to let this idea go, if no one's going to take advantage of it, because it looks like it'll be a lot of work for nothing. We thought it was pretty cool ourselves.

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