Tuesday, December 7, 2010

They Hurt The Mind, They Hurt The Eyes: They'll Bring Down The Whole Civilized Fucking World

Whoopi Goldberg is a trip.

When she gets things right, she asks, "Am I crazy or just being nutty?" But, when she gets things wrong - and she gets things waaay wrong - she does so with a confidence that's breathtaking. We think it's a point about liberalism worth pondering.

O.K., hide the kids:


We noticed this same ass-backwards logic in Roseanne Barr, and Rosie O'Donnell - of course, it's used by "Fire can't melt steel" Rosie O'Donnell - can anyone but Oprah imagine Oprah's giving her another show? It's because Rosie's so cute right? Or maybe because - as public disgust getting her kicked off The View proved - she's such a charmer. Surrrrre.

Whatever it is, it's mind-boggling.

Unless, of course again, you consider that all of these so-called "celebrities" being foisted on us (or who have, otherwise, wormed their way into our lives somehow) are NewAgers - and then the fact any of these people are on American television in the 21st century becomes really mind-boggling. Oh, fuck it:

We're doomed, we tell you, DOOMED!!!

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