Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Is A Divorce (We Whole-Heartedly Endorse)

Homeopathy is among the most ridiculous of so-called "complementary and alternative medicine therapies." I realize that I've made this point over and over and over again, but it bears repeating because, no matter how often homeopathy is shown to be utter and complete woo, homeopaths always seem to bounce right back, Gish galloping between the bullets of science in order to repeat the same unsupportable claims, nonsense about the "memory of water," and comparisons of homepathy to vaccines. Another reason that homeopathy is an excellent example to discuss is because--well, let's face it--it's nothing but water or ethanol, depending on the diluent the homeopath decided to use to dilute his remedy into nonexistence, sometimes with some sugar if the homepath decided to put his diluted magic into pill form.
That's not us talking, but a cancer surgeon, pointing out - as Barbara Ehrenreich did in the speech we posted yesterday - that Americans have been (and, to a large extent, still are) living in an age of repressive Soviet Union-like psychology, where if you don't accept the nonsense being forced on us by NewAgers and the like, it will "always seem to bounce right back" and, like the Hulk, it'll probably be pissed next time. You will be made to pay.

See the economy? How lousy it's going? That's because you've been listening to people who are unscrupulous, blowing your money on things that aren't real, and, in the end, you're too arrogant to ever accept and admit it's you - yes, you - who were wrong to allow yourself to become so ignorant you could be so easily conned.

That's the price of having accepted NewAge, people.

O.K., let's get crackin' - or snappin' - whatever:

We keep trying to get you to understand a simple formulation for getting out of this, but - arrogance and ignorance again - until you stop resisting, and decide to begin the process of tearing this bullshit apart, we know we'll get nowhere fast. Which is fine by us - the daily donations we receive, from one or two people who were freed from mind control, as well as other forms of love, are more-than-enough to keep us going - but, of course, we want to one day see a wave of recognition sweep the Western World - a huge "Aha!" moment - when all the charlatans across the land start getting rounded up for their own safety because people are so pissed at them for being duped. So what's the easy two-word formulation that you should use to guide you away from stupidity and back to the land of the living? This one:

Kill Oprah.

Now, of course, we don't mean anyone should actually murder the bitch (though we're not against the ol' shaved head, tar-and-feathers routine used on French collaborators after WWII) but kill every ephemeral idea Oprah Winfrey has ever promoted, starting with the spirituality and the quackery, along with all her media endeavors. For instance, this new cable channel of hers - the Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN (as in she'll OWN you)? Don't watch it, don't order it, and make sure to tell your cable provider that, if it's part of a package they offer, you'll take your business elsewhere. Let them know - with your wallet and your feet - the scam is over and we know who's behind it. You see what's happening with the Tea Party in politics? This is the Tea Party in social activism. Make 'em feel it. Make 'em scared. Make 'em turn it around. The NewAge is over.

It's the only way, people. Now you might say, "Well, why Oprah?" Because she's the nexus of all this. Take down Oprah and you start to destroy Deepak Chopra's empire. Take down Oprah and you start to destroy Marianne Williamson. Take down Oprah and you start to destroy Shirley MacLaine. Take down Oprah and you start to destroy the power of countless charlatans who have been, and still are, on the hunt for easy-access power and money. Look at what simple resistance is doing to Oprah's hand-picked presidential candidate, Barack Obama. They can't take the heat, y'all. Stop sucking up to them and it all starts to fall apart - that's the way to our freedom, financial and otherwise.

All the NewAgers of the world will, of course, declare such a result, for all their years of hard work and teaching, is just awful. That it can come to no good. That we'll never be able to make it on our own. That we'll never be anything (again) without their "ancient teachings". That we'll be nothing without them around. Well, boo-hoo for them:

That's just a risk we're gonna have to take.

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