Wednesday, December 1, 2010

God, We Can Be Such A little Bitch Sometimes

Hey, don't blame us - Ann Althouse started it! - and she's always going on something called a "vacation" and shit (with her "Mr. Fix-It" Meade) when we haven't left the house in fucking decades! (LOL) Look, y'all, it's real simple:

Christmas is coming up. You need to buy shit? Order it through TMR's Amazon box and you make a donation to TMR. There's a permanent box over on the right of the blog as well, so when this post disappears, you won't have to find it again to make a donation. Just look on the right of the blog and order your shit.

*To those who have made a donation this month - thank you - we now have meat to put in our Ramen! Next up:

Hot water so we can boil the noodles!

Of course, now that we're hooked up with Amazon, we might - might - start emphasizing a little bit more how to assemble an eclectic collection of music or some really good movies to buy, but we're determined not to let this get in the way of what this blog is really all about:

Blowing your fucking mind!

So have at it. Buy something. We really need every dime. And if you can't buy something, that's O.K. with us, too:

We're just glad you're here.


Becoming a "follower" of the blog, or our Twitter account, or becoming a "Facebook Friend", makes us just as happy. Unfortunately, we don't become any stereotypically "nicer" if you do any of this stuff, chumpy:

Until NewAge is dead, that's just the way it is,...

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