Sunday, December 12, 2010

TMR Thinks It's About Time For Some Pimp Talk

Listen up, Guys, this shit is important to your future well-being:
Psychologists have found that George Clooney may be even luckier than previously thought…Research at the University of Abertay Dundee discovered that as women become more financially independent, they want an older, more attractive male partner.

Studies have previously found that women place greater emphasis on whether a man can provide for them, while men place more importance on good looks. The new study revealed that as women earn more and become more independent, their tastes actually change.

The finding suggests that greater financial independence gives women greater confidence in choosing their partner. Instinctive preferences for material stability and security become less important, physical attractiveness becomes more important, and the age of partner women pick also increases.
So, what have we learned? In plain language, the old days of Leave It To Beaver are over and these mystical, magical modern women are just half-dressed whores looking for a meal ticket to fuck - and the older the better. Probably so he'll die first, and - once they've "moved on" - they can carry on fucking other dudes, with all the first dude's money in their purses.

Or another, more specific, way to look at this study is - say you're married to an older woman whose parents are still alive. If they die and leave that bitch an inheritance, fuck George Clooney, she's going to leave your ass for George Burns. (Hey - don't look at us - it's science, baby!) What you gonna do about when "their tastes actually change"? Ain't shit you can do about it, so fuck 'em! You gots to go for yours.

What's The Macho Response? Simple - "G's up, Ho's down" - especially if she's one of those types who already does the Downward (Pavlov's) Dawg:

Stay single and only engage in one-night-stands where it's totally unlikely you'll ever see the crazy bitch again if she becomes pregnant and (surprise!) gets it in her money-grubbing head to start squeezing your ass for life. True, this approach doesn't do much for the society our father's built, but it's women abandoned his ideals, and yours, a long time ago - so, in this regard, you don't owe anyone anything.

Long story short, look out for Number One, Man - fuck being made into Number Two.

And, oh yea - if you've got a bitch, and you're currently taking all her money, good for you:

You've learned to play the game by the newly established rules - and you've also learned to win.

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