Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wow - Two History-Making Events In Two Years!

From The Right Scoop:
Gene Simmons is honest enough to admit that part of the reason he voted for Obama was that it was ‘historic’, that he wanted to show the world that our ugly past of slavery and racism is, well, in the past and that we’ve got no problems electing a black man to run the greatest country in the world. And I think if others were honest, they would admit the same.

However, he has since come to his senses and now admits that he regrets it, which I respect,...
Ditto for TMR. Unfortunately, we think it's important to add that, since Americans took this historic leap, it's become obvious their point was lost not only on the world (a point TMR warned you about) but (another point TMR warned you about) on many blacks as well - including Resident Obama and the Worst Lady.

So (though our political position seemed paradoxical, and even racially-counterproductive, during the last election) we hope, next time, anyone who honestly considers themselves an American - someone truly free and independent minded - will try to "do the right thing" by exposing what's in their head, instead of their heart. Never forget, just like amongst every racial group:

Some of these stupid bastards are still determined to cut that particular organ out.

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