Monday, November 1, 2010

Steve Salerno: Thomas Sowell's A House Nigger

Steve Salerno of Shamblog - a writer we practically had a man crush on once - wrote another one of the stupid political pieces that have defined him since Obama came on the scene, filled with lies about raaaaacist gay-hating Tea Partiers (yawn) and wild-eyed speculation about what evils conservatism will bring - like progressives are the essence of intelligence and calm, Obama healed the races (as he "promised") and these last 2 years of liberalism have been "all that".

We didn't think so.

Given that at the end of his post, Salerno wrote, "Anyway, that's why tomorrow I'll be clicking all those tabs next to the word DEMOCRAT. If you disagree, I'd like to know why", we emailed him and asked:
"Do you ever consider there are black conservatives when you write this nonsense? 

Please, enlighten me to the evil of Thomas Sowell, will you?"
Here was Steve Salerno's reply, regarding this great American:
"Oh, you mean the black conservatives who 'got theirs' and want to keep every penny, so now they don't give a damn about those who may be less fortunate? Seems to me there was a rather impolite terms for such types back during the 1970s. It began with the word 'house'...."
Now, before we say anything further, let us remind you that Steve Salerno doesn't just run Shamblog, but is also a contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Skeptic Magazine, so this isn't like some idiot pot smoker at Jon Stewart's "Rally For Sanity" spouting off. This is a grown man, fully conscience of his words, spewing racial invective against a giant of American letters, racial progress, and economics - not to mention every other black person who's "made it" but doesn't share Salerno's (and Obama's) enthusiasm for allowing others to take what's theirs in the name of "sharing the wealth".

Steve Salerno ought to be ashamed.

To put it another way, we think his participation in Oprah's Obama cult has driven our poor Stevie crazy. It has others.

We told him we were going to blog about this and - just like a Scientologist or other cultist - he started making grumbling noises about possible lawyerly actions coming our way (Salerno doesn't realize we hang out almost exclusively with/on lawyer blogs now) before implying most people won't care what we report he said because some think we're crazy already. (Isn't it funny how independence of thought can be used against someone like that?) Anyway, it's tragic to see what we once thought of as a great mind turn to mush, right before our eyes, but there it is.

Oh - we almost forgot - if you want to have a laugh after all this, go look at the comments to Salerno's piece:

His regular Buddhist commenter (whatever he is to "Cosmic Connie" of Whirled Musings) seriously suggests, if you find Salerno's piece too harsh but want to read something pro-Democrat and intelligent, they should try the last "be afraid" screed by - wait for it - Paul Krugman!

Absolutely fucking hilarious:

We think losing politically, especially to the likes of us, is going to take liberals to a whole new level of darkness,...

Our job: make it so they can't find their way back.


  1. I am a Skeptic magazine reader. The political bent of most of the writers has become increasingly apparent to my great dismay. What the hell is going on? Skeptics, my ass.

  2. For my part one and all ought to look at it.