Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Image Of The "NewAge" Crazy Man Finally Emerges (& Everyone's Suddenly Struck Dumb)

We know we covered this already, but we think it's worth returning to, just for clarification - from's The New Age Assassin:
If you're trying to decipher Loughner's worldview,...The best label would probably be "New Age paranoia."
NewAge. Just as we - alone - have been saying since the very beginning. Except for, and Robert Stacy McCain, there's no evidence anyone else is picking up this narrative yet - the only one to emerge with any truth to it.

Oh well, they must think the blood-on-Sarah-Palin's-hands thing works better. (It definitely keeps the heat off of themselves if they, too, share insane NewAge beliefs with Loughner and the rest of the world-wide Left,...)

But is any of that covering up, hiding, misdirection, etc., really what we have a news media for?

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers, and thanks, Professor.