Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ann Barnhardt To Our Senator Lindsey Graham: "You Stupid, Stupid Jackass,...Why Don't You Come Here And Hold Me Accountable, Player?"

This woman is my new hero - she's walking the walk and (like this blog) talking the talk, the way it should be spoken. Ad homenin attacks? Yeah, like any real American, she's got your ad homenin attacks. (I hate how the so-called "smart" people online act like they've won an argument because their opponent called them a name - pussies. You're still wrong.) Facts? She's got facts up the ying-yang. Fire in the belly? Yowsa - this lady's got more than enough fire in the belly:

"Go back to Hell where you came from." Yep, even as an atheist, this is the America I want to live in. Where people know their shit and are more than willing to defend it. Ann Barnhardt has more balls than many men today - definitely more than Lindsey Graham - and, as an average American citizen, is the living embodiment of what we all should be shooting for. We are not a genteel people, despite the best efforts of our so-called "betters", and, as far as I'm concerned, I want the entire planet to see it:

Because, despite what the NewAgers say, by not being pushovers, this is the only way we're ever going to truly "save" it.

And oh yeah, if you ask me, this should've been Glenn Reynolds.


  1. “Because bacon makes the best bookmark for a Koran.” That’s brilliant!

  2. Check this out, it's like your manifesto: