Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sai Baba: Feeding SF's Spiritual Hunger (Alone)

The anti-cult "community", if you can call it that, is pretty small; so I was surprised to discover Robert C. Priddy, who
...was 74 last September, am still healthy and with remarkably unimpaired mind and memory, untroubled by beliefs I once held and investigated until they collapsed, so that wider and deeper understanding took their place. It is liberating to defend the facts and truth that have been made known to me. [I was for many years the national leader of Sai Baba's organization in Norway]
Isn't that wild? No, not that Mr. Priddy made it to 74 in good health. That he held a set a beliefs, but "investigated until they collapsed, so that wider and deeper understanding took their place". Amazing, huh? Think about that:

A person can have deeply-held "spiritual" thoughts, which are supposedly the zenith of knowledge, but - once you look at them closely - they fall apart and make you smarter!

Whoda thunk it?

Anyway, as he said, Mr. Priddy is on the case of the "Living God" (and pedophile) Sai Baba, who doesn't look like he'll be a "living" god (and pedophile) for too much longer. Mr. Priddy's really upset because "the cohorts of massed doctors neglect their usual patients… the amount of time, energy and money that is being lavished by so incredibly many doctors – from India and abroad – is an affront to the majority of the populace most of which cannot afford one-thousandth of the treatment value Sathya Sai Baba is getting."

Ain't that the truth? The life-crushing poverty of India means homeopathy (water) is all most people get for "medical treatment" - which is one thing they have in common with Whole Foods shoppers - but most citizens of India don't have the people of San Francisco buying their incense, like Sai Baba does, so - whether they're abusing kids or not - they're just shit out of luck. You heard me:

Shit. Out. Of. Luck.

Isn't it funny how "spirituality" and "compassion" work?

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