Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say Something, Anything: "I Will Gladly Pay You On Tuesday For A Hamburger Today" - WTF?!?

Has anyone else noticed the CraigsList trend of employers posting job offers - without posting how much they pay? They all fall back on vague weasel words like "competitive" and "negotiable". What are these, government secrets?

I'm thinking about changing what I've been doing since the murders (since I don't have the financial backing to re-enter music yet) and I went to three different places for applications and to see if the position was still open (none of them posted a phone number) but, once I arrived, not one of them would tell me what the salary was! The last one even got snippy with me because, exasperated, I asked her if she could give me a ballpark figure. Don't these people realize gas (or, for the even more less fortunate bus fare) costs money? There's also the time wasted:

Why would anyone continue to pursue a position if they have no idea if it'll even be worth their time and effort?

Or if the employer starts out the relationship by hiding something? It just makes no sense, or am I missing something?

There's a lot of things that appear wrong in this country but - especially during a recession with high fuel prices - this is a particularly idiotic one, if you ask me.

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