Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting Closer To Reality (Being Dragged Further Out)

Ann Althouse seems to be taking on a lot of subjects I've championed - without ever mentioning me. Asking "What happened to all the manly men?" when I'm the Althouse Hillbilly who arrived championing manliness over there, to many of her commenter's consternation (It made me a hated misogynist, don't you know,…) There's also been "Copying Is Not Theft" - after she and Boris (who's never boring) accused me of stealing her photos. And yesterday it was the erroneous idea that "It's not a lie... if you believe it..." which compelled at least one reader to comment, "This is the Romney mantra..." before someone else pinned it on the Democrats in the usual stupid round-robin that happens over there.

My point is, Ann seems to be searching for some kernel of truth, even if her readers aren't - they're just jacking off as usual - and TMR's favorite topics appear to be a catalyst, even if she isn't mentioning me.

I hope it continues.

Also, Ann got into a fit over the NYT's awful Gail Collins claiming Romney's use of the word "entities" was a Star Trek thing - Ann saw it as a word used in business and law. Of course, this happened one day before Ann's buddy, Glenn Reynolds, posted this:
Levar Burton Discusses His “Star Trek” Sexuality. “Yeah, one [romance] was with an entity that was actually a monster.”

Ugh. That's an outrageous lack of coordination. Not as bad as Glenn constantly calling Obama voters "rubes" - without ever mentioning Ann - but, still, pretty bad.

On the same post, one thoughtful Althouse member, SMGalbraith, asked me if there was "a record of Romney using his religious views in the policy arena?" to which I replied "yes." I didn't give him an answer immediately because I was enjoying toying with the idiots that gathered, for a while, but did promise him something and I like keeping my promise. I hope this example of what's happening behind the scenes will do, rather than making me dig up every instance of how it's applied:
Judy Dushku: Then in 1994, when Romney was running for the Senate, he came out in favor of choice for women — which was surprising to me. I was pleased and called, asking to see him. I told him I suspected that we had our differences, but that maybe I could work with him if he’d come to a really good position on women and childbirth. And he said – Yes, come to my office. 
I went to his office and I congratulated him on taking a pro-choice position. And his response was – Well they told me in Salt Lake City I could take this position, and in fact I probably had to in order to win in a liberal state like Massachusetts. 
Suzan Mazur: Who’s “THEY”? 
Judy Dushku: I asked him the same question. And he said “the Brethren” in Salt Lake City.

And you can be sure "THEY" will be running things for the whole country very, very soon - and notice the expediency "THEY" work with:
"They told me in Salt Lake City I could take this position, and in fact I probably had to in order to win in a liberal state like Massachusetts."

Sure - screw doctrine! - it's power "THEY" are after. Which shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with Joseph Smith's real doctrine - conning people - or his follower's "say anything" approach to it.

For instance, to make Smith's claims in The Book Of Mormon agree with archaeology - which they can't - Mormon uppity-ups say this is a horse:

And this is a goat:

But, even though Romney was a bishop in the Mormon "church," nobody's going to ask him if he can identify everyday farm animals - and why he answers to a group of "prophets" who can't.

More in a little while - on my one day off, there's some shit that's simply GOT to get handled,…

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