Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm So Phat (And The Evidence Against Me Is So Thin,...)

Ha! Ann Althouse has discovered the NewAger's "lowly disgust for citizens with obesity and an irrational fear that the overweight are intruding on the rest of us and draining us of our wealth" - a subject I've covered for years.

Ann HATES when I point out my "firsts" - and, more importantly, the fact she didn't climb onboard when I said them merely because (shockingly) they made good sense.

I always wonder why she doesn't see these things when I say them - it's ALWAYS got to be her or some "authority." (Do I challenge her on the constitution?) I mean, as long as I've hung out on her blog, I've told her she's trapped in a NewAge Nazi cult, so why is she surprised, now, that believers would find "the Auschwitz look" appealing? (There was lots of Nazi/prisoner sex going on in those camps,...)

Today, if you look like you have even a smidgen of "meat on your bones" you're labeled obese by the cultists. I've also pointed out on Ann's blog how NewAgers love to blame the victim  - but people go for it, forming lovable mobs of "nice" torturers chanting the silly Hitler Youth slogan "Mind/Body/Spirit" at whoever doesn't go along.

Penn & Teller even got in on the act,...for a while:

Oh yeah - about that "irrational fear" Ann wrote about? I wonder if Meade will ever reverse his opinion on who's suffering from it, now that his lady's noticed it ain't the likes of me?

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  1. Whatever happened to just being a happy medium?