Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Black/White = Tribalism = Cultism - What? (TMR Deals)

It's been wild doing TMR, being the great truth-teller. As long as I was on NewAgers, no problem with conservatives. Democrats? No problem with conservatives. Even a few kooky Republicans now and then - no problem with conservatives.

But - once the Republican Party got in bed with the cult of Mormonism's "White Horse" and (as expected) lost their way - it's been made quite clear conservatives also expected me to keep my mouth shut and do as I'm told.

Like that was going to happen. Are they reading the same blog I'm writing? Let's recap:

I was being told to vote for a Mormon. No one else saw a problem with this. Not just that I was being told to vote for a Mormon, but that anyone would think I could vote for a Mormon. They actually argued with me about it. They seriously thought an anti-cultist could be made to vote for a Mormon. 

And I had NO defenders. Now, who's crazier:

The lone black guy running the anti-cult blog, and saying he can't vote for the main member of a cult, or the mob of whites determined to punish him for not doing so?

Part of the problem is the white conservative echo chamber. It's not Republican. Why can I find articles on important black American subjects that conservative sites never inform the rest of you of? And, wickedly turning to the subject of race, why doesn't anybody care? Why is it vitally important that I be informed of white conservative dogma but whites can give or take black viewpoints? I'll tell you:

Because - to a much larger extent than the other way around - to not understand the white world could hurt me or even mean my death. Whites have now made that point abundantly clear, too.

Whites can choose whether or not they want to feel that way.

So white people say things that, to white ears, sound rational but, to black ears, just sound crazy. Take this, for instance, from a non-racist white person trying to sound rational:

It seems amazing, to me, how few whites notice you can't even sell this argument to the vast majority of rich blacks. 

The idea, our families aren't deprived of the wealth our relatives earned for others, is ludicrous. Or that blacks alive today - engaged in the same struggle - don't share in the "honor" handed down to us by our historical fore-bearers? It's madness. 

I understand the problem in white NewAge America, with everybody having to "find themselves" and everything, but black lives in America have meaning, that can't be marginalized - a message that should be clear in this country by now.
"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent." 
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

And then there's the suggestion of no difference between someone enslaved and someone free, but so disgusted by slavery they were willing to die. Both may have deprived their families of wealth but the slave didn't do it willingly. There's honor for the free man, and this country should honor him more than it does, but let's not bullshit each other - only one person was making a sacrifice

The black guy just got screwed. 

And then screwed some more - which is why Spike Lee named his production company 40 Acres And A Mule. Is anybody intelligent - or even "educated" - going to seriously tell me they haven't understood that? Am I talking a foreign language here, or presenting some kind of an "alternate" history, anybody's unfamiliar with?

That whites would turn on me when I've proven I know what they're talking about is what I find disgusting - and a continuation of the pattern. 

Few are showing the bravery they used to give me credit for.

After the Trayvon Martin case spun out of control, TMR was forced to take race on. The guilty party then was the media, and news junkies knew it - especially conservatives. 

But that didn't stop a certain percentage of conservatives from engaging in what I've termed "monkey noises" aimed at blacks, who were confused by the media and grieving - a distinction apparently only I was aware of. 

I didn't see anyone stopping the racist behavior but, rather, saw the rest grow exceedingly comfortable and even aping it (pun intended).

So I did what I had to do. This, white people, is also a sacrifice - for you. As such, it doesn't matter to me if I get rewarded for it or not, because - damn it - you have to hear the truth somewhere, don't you? 

I know why you're sick of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (and so am I) but don't think, even for a second, I don't also understand why they exist. And why you have to understand it, too - this isn't black America's burden alone.  We're trying to build a country here.

We're all in this - thankfully - but conservative racism now calls for The Macho Response,...

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