Thursday, October 3, 2013

Human Beings: Not As Important As A Football Game

It's just amazing - people are sleeping on the street tonight. Not bad people, just people, but people none-the-less, usually with no one to help them. You can't find a single person anywhere, probably, who will even look them in the eye long enough to tell them how little they care. 

But somehow, let those same uncaring types hear the Army/Navy Game might be cancelled from lack of funds and - viola! - somehow "a $230,000 gift" can and will appear out of nowhere to save The Big Game, being played directly over where some of those homeless people are sleeping.

Sports, people. 

I was listening to an NPR Pledge drive the other day. Thousands of dollars made - in hours.

 In other words, this country makes absolutely no fucking sense, it's priorities are shit, and it's cruelty to it's citizens is breathtaking. 

I'm pretty sure, after all this, I'll never be able to hear about another country's "human rights failures" without considering it an occasion for uproarious laughter,...

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