Monday, November 25, 2013

If I Want To Stick You I'll Stick You (But Not For Money)

Whoo-hoo - it's the lit now:

 Repeat as needed,..

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  1. Perhaps the fitting reply back (to supporters of acupuncture and the rest) is:
    There really are more things under heaven and earth than can be dreamed of by your philosophies.

    Namely scientific discovery and reasoning...rather than hocus pocus.
    Suffice to say there are some people who would prefer to pass on the toothpicks as well as the little needle things and get some actual medical treatment -- which leads back to one of my biggest complaints with the way healthcare in general is going. We seem to be devolving back to sacrificial offerings and "root magic".

    Sharing the link (which will likely garner me another round of scorn and some more "de-friending"...oh well).