Sunday, November 24, 2013


I'm 52 years old and, for 50 of those years, me and Frank have been watching liars - individuals, groups, and society at large - telling whoppers that, regularly, have to be dispelled:

It'll take another 50 for that to take hold,...

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  1. LOL! According to the (hospital sanctioned, BMI based weight goal, that's important to note) weight loss thing my doc sent me too I should be 15 lbs. lighter than I was when I was 20.
    At 20 I wore size 2/3 and was capable of cracking out 10 mi. rucks easy as pie...this would put me at size 0/1, and I don't know what it would do to my work capacity.
    Now. I'm short, but I'm not that short, and I've never been dainty built -- there's no way I want to be that skinny, especially at my point in life, and even back in my youth (I always ate like a horse in order to keep something of a female shape). I don't even think it would be good for me, and I especially don't think their diet plan, which starts a person out on an 800 calorie per day diet with 50 extra calories burned a day, is what I would call feasible or healthy.
    I walked out. This is what they are putting people through -- and they hold a person's insurance over their heads (that's important to note as well). This is ridiculous.

    To top it off: according to all the tests they did on me I'm in the low 15% for risk of heart disease and have the lung capacity (smoker that I am) of someone 10 - 20 years younger than me, who isn't a smoker. But in order to not be a health risk...go figure. I'm going to have to try and make some sort of deal with my doc to do things my way and still keep the insurance hounds off of me, a compromise if you will (as that's probably the best deal I'm going to get out of this).

    Now, that's just me, but who else is getting hit with the same stuff? And what are the implications? They're going after kids with this too, that's probably also important to note -- kids.