Wednesday, May 28, 2014

America Is So Racist Even Google Could Be The KKK

Our government gave you 400 years of a bad (or no) education? Great - I'll hire someone else!

White Americans lie to themselves, about there being a meritocracy, so they have something to believe in. I just wish they'd stop lying to me - it's depressing. Like Silicon Valley's much vaunted reputation for fairness, equality, and diversity - those weren't even good ones:

Can you do a search for "reparations for racist set-ups"?

How can you "first, do no evil" when your company's born discriminating? How can you do it when your country was?

And why must whites lie about it all the time?

Unlike most of them, I have eyes - and they actually work:

You know, correctly, the way things are supposed to,...


  1. Well Andrew Sullivan says it is because blacks are statistically a little less smart than everyone else.

    But getting beyond that nonsense, you have to recognize something more than just racism of Google's HR department is going on. I am not defending Google so much as pointing out the obvious: How many black graduates get passed over from the elite schools Google recruits from (my guess is there are not that many there in the first place)? The problem is a lot deeper than Google. Why aren't blacks getting into the graduate programs where Google hires from?

    I absolutely agree with you that blacks in America have faces systemic racism over the years, but when you have a failed education system at the primary level for the majority of blacks, you are not ever going to have a meritocracy. It is a lot of black talent wasted.

    When I say that primary education is the first problem that should be addressed you dismiss it. Why? Part of the reason black sharecroppers could be taken advantage of was because most of them could not read and write (and the powers that be wanted that to continue). It still continues today. Teachers unions are just concerned with teachers, not the students in their care. The Democrat party wants a permanent underclass of black supporters that they can mine for votes (without delivering any change).

    Education is critical to success in this country.

  2. "When I say that primary education is the first problem that should be addressed you dismiss it. Why?"

    Because "the first problem" is the theft - give blacks our money and let us figure out the rest. If we want to go to school - as some will - then we can. If not, why tie us to that route?

    Here in SF, right now, there's a whole network of businesses growing that locks blacks out because of poverty - we can't afford to be part of it. How would education change that?

    We need freedom, more than anything else, and our stolen money is just that,...

  3. Okay, how much "freedom" do you need? I am just curious what $ amount you expect in reparations. I also wonder how you expect to get paid and from who?

    Coates arguments about Jim Crow makes sense to the extent that families can pin point actual wrongs to actual persons. But a lot of this is unworkable. Slaves were stolen from and worse, but trying to balance scales from more than 150 years ago is not going to happen. Because most of the people in this country today are not culpable and don't owe you anything.

    I am going to take a wild ass guess that your successes and failures in life are your doing more than anything else.

  4. That would be the KKK of 50 years ago - today's KKK is Republican.

    Why don't you know that?

  5. Not really. I am not saying there aren't some racist Republican and conservatives (there are) but there are way more racist Democrats and leftists.

    And Google is overwhelmingly Democrat and leftist and like you pointed out, racist. Imagine that.