Friday, May 30, 2014

Don't Test: American Conservative Racial Resentments Don't Represent TMR (We Call Them "The Guilty Party")

"Whites stole your future to sample restaurants in comfort - how do you feel about that?"

TMR has taken Harvard's Online Racial Preference Test - mostly because other conservatives say TMR's reading of American history is racist, and indicates a hatred of whites. But, when it comes to who to love, Harvard's test reveals TMR represents:

Didn't do well on the Privilege Test either.

Is it wrong to imagine TMR's conservative critics (who love to attack anyone or anything "black," anyone or anything that benefits blacks, or anyone or anything that indicates blacks are oppressed by whites and deserving of reparations) probably wouldn't fare as well?

I'm sure they'd say it was - and racist, too,...

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