Sunday, May 11, 2014

White Conservative Loses It On Sympathetic NY Blacks

Who's in need of "welfare" right now?

Aren't you glad Justice Roberts has noticed how much things have changed? (No black person on the planet could pull this.) And it's  another sterling example of that "bad culture" we've heard so much about - because this guy pulls out all the stops:

Telling a woman to get to the back of the bus, speaking well of Donald Sterling, saying everyone should get their welfare checks, actually pushing people, etc.. 

Along with turning his ball cap sideways and doing a little dance, it's quite the performance: 

Like watching some of my online buddies come to life,…

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  1. Remarkable. Not the white guy. He's an asshole. But the restraint in the face of provocation. Part of that is the practical recognition that roughing the guy up, no matter how justified, could explode in their faces. That's a product of long history. But also there seems to be an attitude of "why bother." We know we are better than you. Why sink down to your level.