Thursday, May 29, 2014

Whites Commit So Many Tragic Crimes Against Blacks There's Absolutely No Way To Write Laws For Them All

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Do any of TMR's regular readers remember the post "White Racism And White Ignorance (Go Hand-In-Hand)"?

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It was about how the Grammy Awards' favoring of Macklemore and Lorde, while obviously rescinding it's top honors from black artists, affected a friend's job with a NewAge employer? 

This could be a donkey.

Oh man, the number of white denials TMR has received that this type of colorblind racist stuff is happening (and that such pettiness, on the part of whites, is negatively affecting black's financial and professional working lives) has been amazing.

This was probably an innocent man.

But in a white supremacist culture, as TMR always says - if you wait long enough - the truth will make itself known.

Steve Jobs said "Real Artists Steal."

From a black guy, working for a white female, at Apple - not Google: 

Regularly defending himself from accusations of stealing.

You know where this is going or - after TMR's other post - you should:

The "market" is a racist environment

To imagine that angry or resentful whites, in a white supremacist culture, won't find ways to be racist - outside the limits of the law - is to be, either, so naive you can't be trusted or so cynical you're dangerous.

Whites can care about racism - or not - depending on their own sense of comfort with the crime.

TMR has been telling you (and Ta-Nehisi Coates has also made clear) we blacks are sitting ducks in this, a corrupt and corrosive culture, and have always been so.

"I see there's some gaps in your employment history,…"

Whites, denying - still - how it's all working, change nothing,…


  1. What? Saying Justin Timberlake has more talent than black R&B talent?

    That goes beyond racist.

    It is just down right ignorant.

    Do you make a cash register noise like "ca-ching" every time some white person says something stupid about reparations and just add it to the bill?

  2. Wow - one guy loses a job and another is discriminated against for promotion over such a petty topic - and all you get out of it is whites are saying something stupid?

    Don't you see the problem with perception there? And isn't that, in itself, part of the problem? That such a distinction has to be pointed out? Do you think it's fun - or what blacks should be doing with our lives - always having to explain to whites what they're doing wrong? If not, then the answer is "yes" to your reparations question:

    Interest is compounded daily,...

  3. Compound interest is never a joke!