Friday, May 30, 2014

Being A Worthwhile Individual (Is More Than Skin Deep)

One of the many women who cared for me as a child.

This was true of conservatives on Althouse as well:

A woman I would've loved as an adult.

There's something about the Right that seemingly makes them crazy. They'll never attract blacks. They're just too stupid:

A woman any man could respect and honor.

She danced in the opera show, "Porgy and Bess." Angelou would go on to live in Egypt and then in Ghana, and she taught herself French, Spanish, Fanti, Italian and Arabic.

While Angelou is beloved for her autobiographies, she also penned a children's book, two cookbooks, a line of Hallmark greeting cards and two screenplays.

Though Angelou called herself a "reluctant actor," her performances would earn her the highest of accolades."

Unlike traditional American celebrity - which is now this or Cliven Bundy.

Maya Angelou, like most of her generation, was more-than twice as good - just to be considered "good enough" - compare:

Fuck the Right - fuck an education - and fuck America's color line,…


  1. As I told you, I am sorry about your loss.

    Althouse's post is a bit disrespectful. Just do me a favor and please don't list all conservatives with Althouse, Merde, or her readers (especially since she is not conservative).

    As far as your latest attacks on the right, you do give the left a pass.

    And as far as racist attitudes from White Republicans vs. White Democrats, Nate Silver reports that while White Republicans are slightly higher than White Democrats, the numbers are fairly close and declining. They need to decline more, from both parties.

  2. "You do give the left a pass."

    I do no such thing - I focussed on them, exclusively, for years - I'm just sick of partisan political games, especially when culture is our prime mover.

    What difference does it make to me if Dems are more racist than Reps? You're just proving you don't listen, because I've been complaining about white people - left and right - a problem you have little interest in because it implicates you, too, when you're so desperately trying to stay clean. Word of advice:

    Nobody's clean,....

  3. I agree no one is clean on racism. But you specifically frame it as conservatives being unclean, all the time (or at least for the last year or so). If you are sick of partisan games, why present it in a partisan manner?

  4. Because they said they were going to clean up their act - made a big deal about it and everything.

    All they did was prove their lack of integrity, too,...

  5. Who is "they"? NRO? Or just conservatives in general? I am frankly tired of everything Koch, Tea Party or conservative being labeled racist when it is not true.

    You do paint with a broad brush. If you want to call out individuals fair enough, but otherwise you are just engaging in broad stereotyping and generalities that you accuse other people of being racist when they do it.

  6. Are you really comparing tabloid attention on Kardashian's ass to racism against Maya Angelou? I don't get the focus on her, but Kardashian is a train wreck. Hence why she is a staple of People's Magazine and TMZ.

    Maya Angelou for a writer got plenty of attention compared to other writers. Your racism argument is a bunch of BS using that comparison.

  7. Name a black person who gets by on as little as Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Who is this famous black person - famous for doing nothing - as the rest of you scream, "Get a job!" at every black person you see? I can list others - where is the white outcry? There is none, because whites are fixated on blacks working - ever thrown a shovel at Newt Gingrich? I betcha his fat ass wouldn't even know what it's for. Ever suggested he get "a real job"? I'd LOVE to see him try:

    It'd be comedy for YEARS.

    And death - what is it about blacks dying that brings out the ghouls? Do they forget they're white? Do they really think, immediately upon a beloved's death, that's the moment to either break out the party hats, or start making a list of defects, as whites see them? Really?

    It's a sickness - not to see how wrong you are,...

  8. I have no explanation for Paris Hilton or Kardashians (any of them). But to suggest this shows racism is silly and a weak argument on your part. I agree Newt should get a job. Does his latest wife have money? If so, he has a job like John Kerry-Heinz.

    Kanye is just as nuts as Kim Kardashian, but at least he has a marketable skill and talent (beyond getting in the tabloids).

  9. Dude, is this just a schitck or are you really this delusional?