Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reparations Talk = Donation Time (I've Earned My Keep)

Potty mouth.

TMR isn't a blog dedicated to the premise that you'll donate because you like it.

Even racists need friends.

TMR is a blog dedicated to the premise that you'll donate, specifically, because it cares about you.

I will not kiss your ass.

TMR is a blog dedicated to the premise that you'll donate because you want the truth, from somewhere, however it's phrased.


TMR is a blog dedicated to the premise that you should donate because, if told - long ahead of time - race, racism, and reparations will be America's topic of the day, then you (no matter what walk of life you come from) should also be one of the folks who aren't surprised in the least race and reparations are now America's topic of the day.

Who told you otherwise?

If TMR told you Mitt Romney didn't stand a chance to win an election, then you should've donated for the heads-up because Mitt Romney never stood a chance to win an election.

Did you know Chairman Mao invented "ancient" acupuncture, like, in the 50s?

If TMR told you the supplements Mitt Romney sells are worthless, then - Damn it - you should've donated because you knew it would be exposed supplements are worthless.

Mormons abuse a lot of children, too.

If TMR told you Mitt Romney is a member of a racist cult, then you should've donated before the Romney cult's racism could be publicized.

Homeopathy, BTW, isn't "a new way to heal" either - it's a new way to kill.

If TMR told you there's no point in talking to NewAgers, then you should've donated because science found no point in talking to NewAgers.

If I'm walking down the street, I cross to avoid myself, and always lock my doors.

TMR has told you what's coming - better than the chronically-inaccurate Glenn  Reynolds, better than the media, and better than most - even without a dime.

Does "getting in on the ground floor" HAVE to mean "broke"?

It'll be even better with resources.

Nobody's joining the country club.

TMR is a blog many try to misconstrue, as "begging" for handouts, because each post has a closing banner that merely suggests a donation.

You can NOT eat this.

But TMR is a blog where you're mostly paying for continued access, to an accurate cultural viewpoint, no matter what's happening out there - in politics or spirituality - or to TMR.

My spirit guide says "Stop looking at me!"

And TMR thinks, over and over, the value of that ability has now been proven - the American public needs someplace to hook them up.

Speaking of people not doing their job,...

So, that said, this post is directed specifically at TMR's conservative readers. 

…And who SHOULDN'T be getting any money,...

Donate - today - because TMR will be worth much more to you in the future.

Because THEY didn't warn you,...

That is, if it's YOU who want to survive, politically. 

Things are changing.

Because, TMR is now saying, America's about to clean house.

And not like you think.

You just gotta trust me on this one:

The big talk will now come to an end.

Being in the wrong, going forward, is really going to cost you.

The lies are no longer relevant.

For the first time in history, conservatives can't go home again.

It's time for MLK's American Dream.

At least, not until others - like this blogger - can get one,...

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