Sunday, May 18, 2014

What California Was Really Like During Brown V. Board

NAT KING COLE - AFRAID OF THE DARK from Cardinal Releasing Ltd on Vimeo.

Some (many?) white people seem to be under the unfortunate modern day misconception that racism, even recently, was restricted to the South and blacks elsewhere were doing fine. A better way to think about it is - if this was how Nat King Cole was being treated in California as Brown V. Board was being passed - life for blacks who were less fortunate, in California and elsewhere, was regularly approaching a Hellish surrealism. But that's not what's important today. What's important today is this:

Conservatives insist the long history of white domestic terrorism, the unanswered crimes of all other kinds, or the general state of white American-bred mayhem blacks had (and have) to live with and under, are unworthy of respecting (as having had an effect on those targeted or their communities) so they are also unworthy of reparations. 

Yes, Sir, openly calling blacks crazy, instead, is their brilliant "colorblind" plan for reconciliation.

That's what's important.

All, a total break with the past,...

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