Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Can't Glenn Reynolds' Readers Catch His Racism?

So, I see Der Tennessee Fuhrer - I mean The Blogfather - is getting a little upset with the anti-racism forces these days:

Awww, the gun-toting guy (on the wrong side of almost every recent racial issue) has decided to help his ridiculous cult dig deeper, by linking to an article by a jerk, Kurt Schlichter, who's not - repeat: NOT trying to be like "adherents of a political party that made a KKK kleagle its Senate majority leader" - while advocating being EXACTLY like the political party that made a KKK kleagle its Senate majority leader. Think I'm kidding? Think again:

 - Thomas Jefferson, 1787, suffering from "a deeply troubling, unsure and unapologetic racism"

But racism can't be what Glenn Reynolds (Gasp! A Law Professor!) is suffering from, too, can he? "Me being better than you" sure sounds like it to me - what was this, if not racism?
Blacks are "a subordinate and inferior class of beings who had been subjugated by the dominant race."
- Chief Justice Roger Taney, Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1856 
Appointed Attorney General by Andrew Jackson in 1831 
Appointed Secretary of the Treasury by Andrew Jackson in 1833 
Appointed to the Supreme Court by Andrew Jackson in 1836

So is it racism or not? And, if Reynolds is so smart, why does he think going around telling people he's "better" than they are is such a grand idea? Remember, Glenn Reynolds is advocating this "me being better than you"" approach from the perch of someone who's clearly benefited from the country's racist history and biases, as he tells other white guys to rub it in the oppressed's faces:
"The Almighty has fixed the distinction of the races; the Almighty has made the black man inferior, and, sir, by no legislation, by no military power, can you wipe out this distinction."
--Rep. Fernando Wood (D., N.Y.), 1865 Mayor of New York City, 1855-58, 1860-62

How Reynolds and Schlichter can hate the Democrat's association with the Klan of yesteryear is beyond my understanding, when blacks (like me) keep telling conservatives (like them) the Right IS the Klan today. That everyone else is noticing - for instance, the similarities I'm pointing to, here, in rhetoric - that's what has the white supremacists going crazy:
"My fellow citizens, I have said that the contest before us was one for the restoration of our government; it is also one for the restoration of our race. It is to prevent the people of our race from being exiled from their homes--exiled from the government which they formed and created for themselves and for their children, and to prevent them from being driven out of the country or trodden under foot by an inferior and barbarous race."
--Francis P. Blair Jr., accepting the Democratic nomination for Vice President, 1868 Democratic Senator from Missouri, 1869-72 His statue stands in the U.S. Capitol.

And Glen Reynolds is their (self-chosen?) online political leader:

 Won any elections lately, oh great "people smarter than they are"?

BTW - Tennessee comes in at Number Four in "The Top Ten Most Racist States In the U.S." so, yeah, I guess fuck checking your privilege and check your sources for online information instead,…

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