Thursday, September 11, 2008

America Is Being Driven To War (And It's NewAgers Who Are Doing The Driving)

I first started studying history as a kid, a black boy fascinated by the Civil War and the killing of Lincoln; and there was always one question I asked myself about it: how did it actually happen? Written history is so dry, rarely capturing the emotions that drive people to act out; to lose control.

Well, now that I'm actually living out another extended period of such madness, I think I finally "get" the story of history:

Metaphysical thinking drives stupid people insane.

That insanity makes those stupid people take hard immovable positions.

Those positions compel the stupid people to war with the rest of us who (repeatedly throughout time) have to kick their asses.

And the reality of war then drives the stupid people ever deeper into metaphysical thinking. (Because they're stoopid.)


Prepare yourselves, folks, because (like the other great hiccups of history) it's "cleansing time": I'm pretty sure that what we're witnessing these days is the metaphysical plot to do it all again.

Those of us who consider ourselves well-read and informed spend so much time focusing on mere politics, that we miss (or dismiss) the crazy religious symbolism that surrounds us.

That's the way believers want it because it allows them the freedom to act against us undisturbed.

We miss the signals that are being sent from one believer to another. What? You think they're just dressing like this for nothing? Please. At the very least, this bitch is saying she's available.

Just like normal folks missed the Islamist's plans against "Christian" America, we also miss NewAgers vs. Christians, and Wiccans vs. Christians, and Pagans vs. Christians, and every other permutation - like Christians vs. atheists - and it's happening right under our noses.

The fact it's done in the world of religion - really, in the minds of people stupid enough to believe in such out-dated nonsense - is why it keeps happening. The rest of us assume such people are harmless and/or sketchy, while they're meeting in groups and essentially plotting our demise.

These are people with no ambition to be sane.

Listen to the hyperbole around Barack Obama and, now, the "crazy Nazi" Sarah Palin. (A woman NewAgers know hardly anything about but feel obligated, from their gut, to stand against anyway.) They're actually choosing-up sides for their coming war.

Barack Obama has been infusing his speeches with religious imagery from the start, with Oprah Winfrey's crazy ass backing him with her NewAge cult. What kind of "Christian" accepts help from someone with a theology that's essentially Satanism to their belief? Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky's teachings, even after Alinsky dedicated his "community organizer" manual to "Lucifer". Come on, people: put your "metaphysical" hat on and THINK! Yea, like they do/don't.

Now comes Sarah Palin - a born-again Christian type - who is driving Obama's people insane, causing the more Pagan types to declare all kinds of over-the-top nonsense like "Jesus was a community organizer" (another religious meme that got started by those idiots at The Daily Kos, which, as I've told you, is run by an astrologer, which puts them in the Gnostic column) driving the religious fervor up step-by-step until another stupid believer actually does or says something crazy enough to spark the next stage of the ramping up to the epic ass-kicking they so desire.

I've told you, several NewAgers have informed me recently they want nothing less than to spark a Civil War in America.

The way NewAge liberals have been behaving: the way they've chosen to ignore facts and reason. The way they've been insisting Bush "stole" the elections when those elections were investigated and their charges were found to be untrue - a fact they've chosen to ignore, for 8 years, in favor of indulging their over-riding anger. And let's not ignore the massive emergence of psychics and other NewAge phenomena on the scene (T.V., radio, etc.) at the same time. You don't have to be psychic to see where the idiots that believe in psychics see themselves taking us in the future.

Like I said, this has been a constant pattern for the last 8 years.

Nothing they've charged has taken hold, or been found true, but they keep insisting they want satisfaction - no matter what - and now they're going to finally lose power, for good, in this election. And who are they going to lose it to?

An old school American patriot - from before the paganistic Baby Boom - and a Born-Again Christian woman from after it.

The NewAgers are finally being cut out of the equation - maybe prematurely, as they see it, since there have only been 2 Baby Boom presidents, the hated Bush and Clinton (which is nothing for such a huge group when you consider "The Greatest Generation" had 8 presidents) - and the NewAgers can't handle it. They're losing it. Their only period was the Clinton years which were typified by the hallmarks of NewAge: Hillary's dabbling with psychics. Bill's sexual behavior. The over-arching narcissism everyone is compelled to comment on as a hallmark of the Clintons, NewAge, Liberalism, and all of those influences of the 60's era. It's all part of the whole, when you throw in what we now know about John Edwards, etc. I mean, was there anyone in the running for the Democratic nomination who wasn't a NewAger? Anybody on the Left who openly said "I reject this as corrosive nonsense?" Hell no.

Mark my words: Obama was a play to consolidate their power - and it's not working.

NewAgers just can't admit they're wrong - about everything - and, historically, they never have. And there's no way they'll get any class now, so we're in for trouble: the end of the line for the NewAgers - the dumbest spiritualists in the history of the western world.

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