Friday, September 5, 2008

And Now For Something Really Different,...

"It was,...where he showed some spark and passion that made me watch John McCain as a whole, instead of concentrating on the disturbing way his upper lip sometimes disappears.

As someone who is neither a McCain nor an Obama supporter, I watched it — as I did Obama’s — looking for something to hook me. While his delivery left a great deal to be desired, the speech helped many of us skeptics look at McCain differently; not as the crazy in a Dr. Strangelove way that some of us viewed him in the past, but as someone who really could change the way things are done in Washington. We saw John McCain the man, not the POW, not the maverick, just a soft-spoken guy with some big ideas — pretty good ones. I may not be completely sold, but he did stir up something within me with that last few minutes, something I have not felt in four years: a passion for my country and a desire to, dare I say it, effect change.

I thank John McCain for that bit of awakening. I call this speech a win in that it had the opposite effect of what I thought it would; instead of putting me to sleep, it woke me up. Whether the rest of the undecided feel the same way remains to be seen."

-- Michele Catalano, discovering there's more "change" in John McCain than she thought, on Pajamas Media.

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