Friday, September 5, 2008

Killer Cheap Ass Dopra

"Ayurvedic medicines -- herbal mixtures dating back thousands of years in India and increasingly popular in the West -- are frequently contaminated with lead, mercury or arsenic, according to a study published today.

A fifth of the nearly 200 concoctions tested contained levels of the toxic metals that, if taken at the maximum recommended doses, would surpass California's safety guidelines.

Dr. Robert Saper, a Boston University professor of family medicine who led the study, said the findings should spur the Food and Drug Administration to start clamping down on the largely unregulated world of pills, herbs and powders classified as dietary supplements.

'It shouldn't be me trying to figure this out,' Saper said."

-- Alan Zarembo, saying the same thing that's been said by critical thinkers for decades, on

It's a crime the FDA hasn't moved on this - or that the public hasn't figured it out already. The article adds:

"Ayurveda is a traditional Indian practice that takes a holistic approach to wellness, employing herbal medicine, meditation and exercise to promote good health. It exists alongside modern medicine in India, with its own network of clinics, hospitals and colleges serving hundreds of millions of patients.

It has spread to the U.S. and Europe with the migration of South Asians around the world and been popularized by figures such as bestselling author Deepak Chopra."

Yea, yea: read more about ol' Deepak's beginning here. Then click his tag to see who the Maharishi's NewAge killer is hooked up with.

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