Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Gay Man Alert: Newspapers Are Dying (And You, Sir, Are Part Of The Reason Why)

"Yes, the rumors are true. The cosmic votes have all been tallied, and I do believe we can now say, with some measure of happy certainty, that God appears to be just as sick-to-death of the Republican Party as the rest of us."
Mark Morford, just reading God's mind and spotting rising lightworkers, for the excellence in journalism known as the SFGate.

Here's more of Mark's wisdom bullshit patter, gleaned from the cultish Yoga Tree website:
"Yoga hasn't been around for thousands of years for nothing. It's a little-known fact that Jesus practiced yoga–he just didn't tell anyone. How do you think he was able to walk on water?"
Yep, Morford - he's got it all figured out,...


  1. Had to link to this one. Mostly because I'm a former journalist, and any reference to the "dead trees" automatically fires the neurons -- but also because your headlines are every bit as damn entertaining as your posts :)

    I gave your music a listen for the first time (sorry I didn't before -- lots of reasons, some of them lame, probably, but finally did) -- and wow! Can I buy a CD? (Didn't see a link on Little White Radio ...?)

    Busy-busy with a new job, so I don't get to post as often as previously. (Really, REELY regret squandering unemployment time, but, well).

    But love reading -- and linking -- to your blog -- quite frankly, it's the freshest breath of air on the Web :)

  2. Eowyn,

    Hey, Shug - thanks! Sorry but the LWR songs are only sold as individual digital downloads (there's a "store" on the page for doing it) and I'll be adding more LWR songs soon. I think "Rap's Creation" is a great headphone album, but (like many of the LWR tracks) it was made before I switched parties, so it's got some Michael Moore-type audio snot on it; worth the money if you want a pre-conservative CMC keepsake, or can still stomach such an outlook this late in the day.

    Ha! You're funny: I'm not writing as much because I'm looking for work - after I was being sexually harassed! Plus, there's talk of a TMR book in the works too, but nothing solid so far. I'll keep y'all posted.

    Look, I love hearing from you. Like many bloggers, I'm doing this for something other than money, but - though donations are always welcome - hearing when someone "gets it" more than fulfills my needs. (I hear what the other side thinks, mostly.) Thank you, thank you, sincerely, thank you, again.

    O.K. - I gotta get back to the convention:

    America's celebrating - and I'm not going to miss a moment of it!!!

    Big hug,


  3. Okay. All I can say is, you GO.

    YOU GO.

    And I look forward to your take on it all :)