Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Down The Rabbit Hole

"Obama will,...get the nomination but his inexperience and, especially, his party will bring him (and them) down.

The last 8 years of dissing America will blow up in the Dems faces and those in the middle of the country will reject them.

Obama would be smart to stay cool, quietly abandon the Oprah/Rhonda Byrne New Age, and other crazy spritual types, and prepare to get real in 4 more years."

-- The Macho Response, January 8th, 2008

"I’m sitting here right now with my jaw on the floor. I cannot believe what I am reading on the forums of the far-left.

I’m not going to link to them - you know where to find them - or even bother quoting their incredible, insane prattle.

They’re in trouble over there. They’re in serious trouble of the mind, and trouble of the heart and trouble of the soul. They are so paranoid, and so full of hate, at this point, that they are clinging to an insane idea - one that betrays a sort of soul-sickness that leaves me feeling both incredulous and chilled.

How much do you have to
love your hate in order to surrender your reason, and your humanity, to it?

It’s not just the thrill of creating a stupid conjecture for these people - that’s just normal campaign garbage. But now that it has clearly been debunked these folks have a need - and in some of these people it seems to be a truly
deep need - to cling to the fantasy so that they can keep hating, so that they can continue to believe the absolute worst thing they can; because that’s what they want to believe…the absolute very worst.

How sick is this? It is meant, I guess, to shield them from any possibility that their worldview might be altered, or penetrated.

It is not sane. It is disturbingly unnatural. It is almost supernatural."

-- The Anchoress, catching on to why this blog exists.

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