Sunday, September 14, 2008

Driving Bad (And Looking Good)

"A week's trip up to the Bay Area revealed a new phenomenon, new to me at least: the aggressive Prius driver.

Nothing sillier looking, frankly, than watching Priuses speeding along at 80-90mph, weaving through traffic, cutting people off, and generally acting like _____ drivers (you fill in the blank).

I mean . . . Priuses?

But that is what I saw. A bunch of times. In the Bay Area, on I-5 in the middle of the state, and in the LA area on the drive home.

Drivers Beware: there's a new breed of madman, and he's behind the wheel of a Prius."

-- Brian Dear, discovering, to his apparent surprise, there's Left-wing assholes all over the roads of the San Francisco Bay Area, on the "progressive" blog Brainstorms.

So why the picture of Laetitia Casta? Are you joking? I found a picture of Laetitia Casta! Just like you found:

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