Sunday, September 14, 2008

Willie Brown: A Whiter Shade Of Palin

"For first time in modern history, a presidential race is actually going to be decided by the vice presidential pick.

Thanks to Sarah Palin, this is no longer a contest between Barack Obama and John McCain - it's between Brother Barack and Sistah Sarah.

Rock star vs. rock star. Inexperienced vs. inexperienced. Newcomer vs. newcomer. Change vs. change.

His 'change' is East Coast intellectual. Her 'change' is NASCAR.

His change is wine and cheese. Her change is mayonnaise by the gallon.

And notice how everyone is calling her Sarah Palin - not Gov. Palin. That's not good for the Democrats. It shows a certain familiarity that goes beyond just issues or her knowledge of the 'Bush Doctrine.'

Heck, even I didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was when Charlie Gibson asked her about it the other night on her first national TV interview.

The Democrats have got to get to the core of this new campaign. It's not a pretty thought, but somehow Democrats must plant in voters' minds that, given McCain's age and his health history, he might not make it through the term if he's elected.

Even if McCain does make it through a term, it's not likely he'll seek re-election and she will be the natural successor.

In other words, Sarah Palin may indeed be president someday."

-- Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, handing out more good, common sense, plain-spoken, and honest advice, but a little too late, in the SFGate.

I would think the phrase "His change is wine and cheese" should be enough to turn off most supposedly anti-yuppie liberals but, no, the Left is crazed now - without values and waaay beyond reason; determined to lose - so nothing registers anymore. They can't even concede his point that her answer about the Bush Doctrine was fair enough. Oh well: unless a miracle happens (quick: somebody kill Joe Biden!) the Democrats have lost already anyway. The American people are on to you, guys.

This race is over.

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