Monday, September 8, 2008

Employment Opportunity: A Job About Nothing

"Would anyone like to help the cause of homeopathy? There is an interesting job description in the British Medical Journal this week. It is for both an expert and a lay person to ‘contribute actively’ to the Advisory Board on the Registration of Homeopathic Products. The pay is £275 a day, and they have 11 meetings a year.

It is tempting to ask how many thousands of pounds the goverment are spending on this exercise. It is even more tempting to ask how, possibly, the Board can function. Any other medicine that the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory licenses has to have evidence of it’s efficiacy and safety. The members of this committee will have to “give advice about safety and quality” on substances that don’t actually have proof of working.

If any FT readers are up to the challenge of bringing some sense into the boardroom, please do let me know how you get on."

-- Margaret McCartney (is this Paul's daughter?*) on the madness going on in medicine, for the Financial Times.

*Paul McCartney is on record as supporting water as medicine, isn't he?

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