Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Like A Kennedy

"If the left was merely irritated at the start of the last eight years, only W's puppet master, Vice President Dick Cheney, has done more to incite that anger -- or rather, to grind it, hone it, to plunge it headlong into a blazing kiln, to blast it through a Large Hadron Collider and create world-imploding black holes of fury,...why won't Barack Obama channel the outrage surging through his constituency and explode in fire-and-brimstone oratory?"

-- James Hannaham, blaming the Republicans for the Democrats's "feelings", while forgetting he and the Left and Barack Obama were always selling us the premise they were supposed to be adults in control of themselves, on (what else?) the ever-more viciously childish

Go on, Folks: have your tantrum. Betray everything you said you stood for. You know you want to, because you never stood for anything anyway. It was all "just words" as Obama once mocked. A charade, a cover, a lie. A blatant NewAge grab for power with nothing else behind it but the evil of your blatantly cynical "feelings". If it wasn't then you wouldn't even consider going there. But there you are, stoking the fires of rage and hatred in a public forum - again. So much for your offer of a better world. So much for change. So much for hope. So much for you. Your true message is clear:

You're a party with no ideas - and with the perfect candidate to prove it.