Monday, September 1, 2008

Resolved: God Don't Like Nobody

"So about 50,000 artsy-lefty, sexed-up, chanting, New Aged nutsos got together in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to do all sorts non-traditional spiritual stuff, and the Lord took notice. He (She? It?) smote 'em Old School with a massive sandstorm yesterday that sent many of the occultists running for shelter before they could close the festivities with the traditional burning of some man.

Roger Farschon, incident commander for the federal Bureau of Land Management, said the dust storm on the Black Rock Desert about 110 miles north of Reno began early Saturday afternoon and continued into the evening.

'We are in (a) total whiteout,' he wrote by e-mail.'"

-- Ian Spiegelman, getting into the spirit of blaming God for everything, except Wonkette

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