Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nothing Says Stupid Like Stupid

Does telepathy exist? Can our thoughts influence events? Should you exercise before reading minds? Identical twins Kent and Kevin Young tackle all these questions and more in their two-man show at Exit Art in New York City. You might question the point of the pair slapping each other on the head and do-se-do portion of the act, but the meat of it — where one twin broadcasts his thoughts to the other to solve a crossword — is certainly ambitious. Do the Young brothers succeed? And does Vanessa even have to speak to interview them? Check out the video for the answers. --

Video Here

The point of this is not the number of correct answers, which was “0”. The Twinkie perps seem to be angling for a career in cheesy show biz or politics, as evidenced by them breaking into a dance after failing, much like a politician.

The crimes here were committed by some of the spectators, whose reaction ranged from not being sure what to take away from the demonstration, to this gem of stupidity from our Moron Of The Week:

(Remember, Correct Answers = 0)

INTERVIEWER: “And do you believe that telepathic powers may have been at work here?”

MORON: “I’d like to think so. Yes.”

Maybe we should bring back burning at the stake.

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