Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tonic Magazine Digs Further Into France's Cult Underbelly (After TMR Got There First)

Translation: "The Cults Of Alsace". Just as we said - they're there. And cultism is against the law in France.

None of this can be making the (now-ex) "Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt and (our now-ex) Karine Anne Brunck very happy. Those two self-proclaimed "students of the occult" have to keep their image nice and tidy in their tiny village of Wissembourg (what's happened to them, BTW? Have they left? Shouldn't they be in prison? Killing three people should be a serious offense, even in France, shouldn't it? And where is that picture we were promised?) Considering Karine has absolutely no medical training, her role in the deaths, alone, should be cause for a trial - and/or, at least, a civil suit.

There are multiple crimes here - and extreme cultism - just as we've said from the very first post of this blog. Unlike most people, though, we weren't given a choice to ignore it or shrug it off. Nope - like marriage itself, our ugly introduction to cultishness demands we stick it out to the very end. That's what Karine always said she wanted.

Henry Brunck would be so proud.

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