Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cultism: The Song Remains The Same

"How’s this for a new twist on the old coming-of-age narrative? Christopher Owens was raised in a 60’s-spawned pseudo-Christian sex-crime-promoting cult called the Children of God by a globetrotting mom so brainwashed that she let one of her own sons die of pneumonia because the cult didn’t believe in hospitals.

Girls deftly bulked up their small but potent catalogue with new track 'Heartbreaker' ('a song about how people suck'), and B-sides 'Life in San Francisco' ('when all your friends are self-centered eccentric weirdo junkies') and 'Substance' ('this song is about drugs, which, if anyone has any, please give them to us')."
-- Hilary Cadigan, on Girls - one of the few, true, "cult" bands out there (another is The Brian Jonestown Massacre) - singing about the same topics this blog covers, in much the same way, according to Lumino Magazine.

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